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The South Australian Government works with a range of partners to help increase the uptake of zero emission vehicles and position South Australia as a leader.

Here’s some of what we’ve done in the past:

Charge Together South Australia campaign

In conjunction with major sponsors the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, we support the Charge Together South Australia campaign. This campaign aims to make South Australia a leader in ZEVs, leveraging our competitive advantages of high penetration of renewable energy and advanced manufacturing capabilities. If you live in South Australia and think you may wish to buy an electric vehicle one day, we encourage you to sign up to the campaign.

Green Drive Days

On Sunday 8 April 2018 we assisted with the Australian Electric Vehicle Association‘s Green Drive Day. The event was a great success, with roughly 400 test drives of a range of the latest electric vehicles, as well as electric scooters and bicycles, and a number of information sessions to help people learn more about owning an electric vehicle.

Following the Green Drive Day we hosted a smaller “meet and greet” event for fleet managers and representatives of electric vehicles and charging solutions. Given the success of both events, we will work with partners to set up similar events in the future. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications of upcoming events.

Fleet managers meeting with representatives of a range of electric vehicles and charging solutions.