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South Australia has the wind, sun, land, infrastructure and skills to be a world-class renewable hydrogen supplier.

Hydrogen allows the world to rethink ways to generate and store energy, power transport fleets and heat homes.

Reduced costs of solar and wind energy generation combined with technology advancements have created a tipping point, where renewable hydrogen is now a viable and much needed carbon-free fuel for our domestic and export markets.

The Council of Australian Governments Energy Council’s National Hydrogen Strategy Working Group has already identified hydrogen as Australia’s next multi-billion export opportunity.

Modelling for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency has forecast Australian hydrogen exports could contribute $1.7 billion and 2,800 jobs to the national economy by 2030.

South Australia’s Green Hydrogen Study was released in August 2017 and found that two pathways, production of niche fertiliser products and hydrogen for local buses, are attractive now. Five or ten years in the future hydrogen export and value add products may also be viable projects. Demand for hydrogen from Japan and South Korea could drive a significant new industry in South Australia, leveraging existing manufacturing, engineering and project delivery capabilities.

South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan

With more than 50 per cent of the South Australia’s energy mix generated through renewable sources, new interconnection and storage technologies such as hydrogen will support South Australia to become a net 100 per cent renewable energy generator during the 2030s.

Premier Steven Marshall released South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan in late September 2019, including the commitment of over $1 million towards a landmark study to identify optimal locations for renewable hydrogen production and export infrastructure.

The announcement was made to hundreds of global experts at the opening of the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The Hydrogen Action plan sets out twenty actions across five key areas to help scale-up renewable hydrogen production for export and domestic consumption, and contribute to the South Australian Growth State Plan being developed by the Marshall Liberal Government.

It will help underpin a safe and secure export sector, as well as accelerate hydrogen into the South Australian domestic economy.

Download South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan:

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Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool and Prospectus

As a key measure under South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan , over AUD$1 million has been committed to develop a South Australian Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool to inform the establishment of renewable hydrogen export supply chains.

The South Australian Government will commission one or more consultants to work with the international hydrogen industry to deliver a landmark study of existing and potential infrastructure requirements in South Australia for a renewable hydrogen export supply chain.

The study will consider supply chains based around liquid hydrogen, ammonia and methylcyclohexane.

Key findings will be summarised as a modelling tool and detailed prospectus, which will be made available to international customers, infrastructure developers and investors.

Download the Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool summary:

Export Modelling Tool summary