Worlds Largest Lithium-Ion Battery now operating in Jamestown

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Tesla powerpacks, connected to Neoen’s Hornsdale windfarm, are now operational and delivering power to the National Electricity Market, providing system security services to South Australia and available to be discharged to the grid if required.

The Premier, along with Neoen, officially launched the battery at Jamestown on 1 December.

This is a landmark event and means that for the first time, clean and affordable wind energy can be dispatched to the grid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether the wind is blowing or not, improving system reliability.

Having a dispatchable supply of renewable energy also means that Neoen now has the opportunity to sign competitive long term contracts with medium-sized business directly.

South Australia is continuing to lead the world when it comes to renewable energy.

More information can be found at Our Energy Plan and


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