Flinders University

Leading the race to zero carbon electricity and fleet

Since 2018, Flinders University has installed 2.2MW of solar panel capacity, acquired 13 plug-in electric vehicles and commissioned 13 electric vehicle charging stations on campus.

As part of their sustainability plan to 2025, Flinders University has installed 7,647 solar panels at the Bedford Park and Sturt campuses. Delivering more than 20 per cent of the University’s electricity needs, the solar panels are located on building rooftops and canopies installed in car parks to provide an added benefit of shade for vehicles and motorists.

In addition, Flinders University has integrated 13 plug-in electric vehicles into its fleet, and an impressive 13 electric vehicle Level 2 charge points at various sites across campus. These are available for students, staff and visitors. For more information about Flinders’ sustainability progress in energy and transport visit flinders.edu.au/sustainability.