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The South Australian Government is working with major energy and automotive players to make our State a global leader in zero emission vehicles.

The South Australian Government takes the view that in the long-term future, public and private urban transportation in the world’s advanced economies will be based on zero emission vehicles (ZEV). Vehicles contribute to around 10% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions and unlike other sectors, transport-related emissions are increasing.

Accordingly, the transition towards ZEVs is strengthening year-by-year to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Stronger clean air mandates in major global cities to protect human health, rapid advances enabling technologies such as batteries and fuel cells, and the risk of future oil supplies is also driving the transition.

The South Australian Government is developing a zero emission vehicle strategy to release in 2018. The strategy will seek to identify opportunities for ZEV industry development in the State to help realise the significant economic opportunities.

With our high penetration of renewable energy and existing skills in automotive and advanced manufacturing, the State is an ideal research and development destination.


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