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South Australia will be a national leader in electric vehicle uptake and smart charging by 2025, harnessing renewable energy to lower motoring costs, air, noise and carbon pollution, and reduce electricity costs for all South Australians.

The South Australian Government is investing $18.3 million to deliver an Electric Vehicle Action Plan.

The plan articulates ten actions to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in South Australia.

The plan seeks to ensure seamless integration of electric vehicles and charging into our homes, businesses and lifestyles, while building South Australia’s reputation as a leader in low carbon transition.

This aims to make electric vehicles the common choice for motorists by 2030, and the default choice by 2035, in line with achieving net zero emission by 2050.

Removing barriers to uptake will bring forward the following benefits:

  • nationally competitive electricity costs
  • $25 million of private investment in the implementation of public charging infrastructure, with a focus on priority regional sites
  • statewide employment in charging network construction, innovation and commercialisation
  • lowered transport costs for business and households
  • reduced noise pollution and improved air quality with associated public health outcomes
  • more than 50 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 (from 2005 levels).

South Australia’s EV Charging Network

The State Government is investing up to $13.4 million to secure private investment in South Australia’s Electric Vehicle Charging Network.

Proposals have been sought from prospective charge point operators to develop a section or sections of South Australia’s Electric Vehicle Charging Network.

Applications for funding closed on 30 August 2021 and an evaluation process is currently underway.

The Department for Energy and Mining may request further information and seek clarifications with Applicants to inform the grant funding decisions.

It is anticipated that unsuccessful Applicants will be advised by Mid Q4 2021.

Smart Charging Trials

The South Australian government is investing $3.6 million in Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Trials as part of its Electric Vehicle Action plan.

The Trials will support market-led proposals that bring forward public demonstrations of consumer focused smart charging solutions. Successful proposals will address the integration risks and service gaps in the market to enable households and businesses to harness our renewable electricity supply and accelerate consumer ownership of EVs.

The first five grant funding recipients for the trials have been announced with more to come in early 2022.

Consultation on the Plan

A key input into the Electric Vehicle Action Plan was a targeted industry consultation undertaken by the state government from May to August 2019. Download a copy of the consultation report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download a Printable version of the Electric Vehicle Action Plan.

Electric Vehicle Subsidies

To support the uptake of electric vehicles the government has introduced an electric vehicle subsidy package. The $22.7 million subsidy package includes a $3,000 purchase subsidy and a 3-year registration exemption for the purchase of eligible new battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) will administer a $12.25 million Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Subsidy (the Scheme), to provide up to 7,500 subsidies of up to $2,000 to households installing EV smart charging systems.

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