Solar Energy in South Australia

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South Australia has a well-developed rooftop solar PV industry, with about one in three households having solar PV panels.

Solar energy contributed about 9% of total electricity generated in the State in 2016-17.

Solar energy systems convert the light or heat from the sun into another form of energy. Energy from the sun is the world’s most abundant source of renewable energy.

Australia has some of the best solar resources in the world.

There are two types of solar energy technology: solar photovoltaic (or PV), which uses semiconductors to convert sunlight into energy, and solar thermal, which uses the sun’s heat energy for electrical production or heating.

Solar thermal generation technology is set to bring significant benefits to South Australia, particularly in its ability to store the energy generated so that it can be dispatched when it is needed.

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Australian Energy Market Operator’s reports for the South Australian Government provide information about electricity generation, consumption, demand and forecasting in the State.

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