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Low resolution level maps on land characteristics may in the first instance inform decisions about project siting. These maps are available from the South Australian Government to assist proponents with project siting. Regional maps showing water quality, rainfall, land use, development constraints, soil capability and key infrastructure (gas, power and water pipelines) can be accessed from Primary Industries and Regions SA.

The South Australian Government is the custodian of high resolution spatial planning information important to potential investors in their selection of a suitable site.  This includes spatial data in geographic information system (GIS) format for property parcel boundaries, infrastructure services (electricity, road and rail), land elevation, local council boundaries, planning zones, natural resources and public land. It also includes spatial data that could represent a constraint to development such as location of threatened fauna and flora, historical land contamination, native title and Aboriginal and European heritage sites.

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) is the State’s principal custodian of spatial land information data.