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South Australia has the renewable energy resources, land, infrastructure and skills to quickly develop a world-class green hydrogen sector.

The South Australian hydrogen roadmap, released in September 2017, established a blueprint for the industry’s development.

Developed as a result of the Green Hydrogen Study (9MB PDF) and with input from local, national and global partners, the roadmap identifies South Australia’s advantages in fast-tracking a green hydrogen economy.

Energy focused Government

By prioritising unlocking the full potential of our resources, energy and renewable assets, and growth through innovation, the Government has assisted the ongoing transformation of the South Australian economy. South Australia was the first state to include hydrogen in its future energy plans and is a supportive environment for first movers.

High renewable energy deployment underpinned by world-class wind and solar resources

South Australia leads the field in clean-energy generation. In 2016-17, approximately 48.9 per cent of the state’s electricity was generated from renewable sources – predominantly large-scale wind generation and distributed rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV). The Australian Energy Market Operator has forecast that by 2021, 73 per cent of electricity generated in South Australia could be from renewable energy.

Existing transport and export infrastructure backed by experienced safety regulators

The prerequisites for an export-capable hydrogen industry include approved ports capable of handling shipments to the Asia-Pacific region. The Government and private sector energy and service providers have already identified utilities, infrastructure corridors, regional transport flows and key major bulk port for future multi-user large volume exports. This is backed by experienced regulators with a track record of applying best-practice laws and regulatory frameworks.

Proximity and trade relationships into Asia

Accelerating the development of a hydrogen industry in South Australia will require working in collaboration with some of our key trade partners within the Asia region. Our advantage as a strategic partner exists in the proximity of our hydrogen products to these markets and the maturity of our trade relations. South Australia is a strategic industry hub conveniently at the centre of Australia’s road, rail sea and air networks. Our position as an efficient and cost-effective gateway to ship exports across Asian markets underpins the desirability of investing in the development of a hydrogen industry in this State.

Opportunities for local hydrogen use

Hydrogen is a versatile element and, in addition to being a resourceful fuel and energy carrier, hydrogen has multiple applications across a range of industries. For example, hydrogen can be used in manufacturing, agricultural, aeronautical and space, and food industries, can help decarbonise natural gas supply networks, and is considered a future transport fuel.