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South Australia is in a prime position to support investors in developing hydrogen-based energy sources that will contribute to a world-leading green hydrogen economy in the State.

Global research and innovations are showing how hydrogen can play a major role in a healthy, clean, low-carbon energy system – and South Australia is well placed to play a part.

Green hydrogen is hydrogen produced with zero net emissions. While hydrogen is the most abundant gas in our universe, it’s relatively rare on Earth – but scientists are finding more ways to produce it, and to make it ‘green’.

Until recently, the demand for manufactured hydrogen in industries such as chemical and ammonia production, power generation, glass making and food production has usually been met by hydrogen from non-renewable sources.

Now, renewable energy sources are being used to produce hydrogen by electrolysis. This involves harnessing solar, wind, hydro, tidal, wave or biomass energy to generate electricity, which then splits water into hydrogen and oxygen in an electrolyser.

This technology can produce hydrogen with net zero emissions. It can be used for energy storage and transportation, injection into gas systems, stationary electricity and heating, fuel cell vehicles, and industrial applications such as food, agriculture and mining.

Because of our abundant renewable energy resources, South Australia is well placed to develop a green hydrogen economy.

The South Australian Government has worked with industry to develop a Hydrogen Roadmap for potential investors.