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Bioenergy offers a significant opportunity to utilise untapped renewable resources for energy production.

Bioenergy is produced from organic matter derived from plants, animals and organic by-products and waste streams. Referred to as ‘biomass feedstocks’, this organic matter can be used to produce electricity, heat, fuel and other products.

Biomass resources have the potential to play a major role in diversifying energy sources and supplying additional energy during peak demand. Other important benefits include diverting waste from landfill and producing valuable by-products, such as biochar.

The bioenergy industry is in its early stages, but technologies to convert biomass into electricity are commercially available in South Australia. Innovative research and technology is helping to identify new ways to produce bioenergy.

RenewablesSA works with businesses and industry groups to help catalyse investment in bioenergy. In 2015 we released a Bioenergy Roadmap for South Australia, followed by a series of industry forums in regional SA and allocation of grant funding for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. Click on the tiles below to learn more.

We also provide up-to-date mapping of bioenergy resources across the State, which is available on the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure. At a national level, a project is underway to deliver a national database of biomass resources for bioenergy across Australia. Click here to find out more the “Australian biomass for bioenergy assessment project”.