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Access to Pastoral Lease Crown Land


In the first session of the 53rd parliament, the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation (Renewable Energy) Amendment Bill 2014 was introduced to the Legislative Council.

When the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act was originally drafted, renewable energy development was not envisaged. A Bill to amend the Act makes it possible for a wind farm developer to apply for a licence to build and operate a wind farm on pastoral lease land. A wind farm development can co-exist with pastoral activities in the same way as occurs on freehold farming land. The Bill also expedites access to pastoral land for solar energy projects.

The Bill is to provide renewable energy investors with access to 40 per cent of South Australia's land mass that is Crown land subject to pastoral lease.


Pastoral Land Management and Conservation (Renewable Energy) Amendment Act (Commencement) Proclamation 2015

Bill progression through Parliament in 2014

House of Assembly (Lower House)

Bill passed on 14 October 2014

Second reading and Committee stage on 18 September 2014

Second reading on 6 August 2014

First reading on 5 August 2014

Legislative Council (Upper House)

The Bill passed the Upper House on 5 August 2014 (associated media release).

Committee stage continuing on 5 August 2014

Committee stage continuing on 24 July 2014

Committee stage commencing on 5 June 2014

Second reading speeches on 22 May 2014

Second reading on 8 May 2014

Pastoral Land Management and Conservation (Renewable Energy) Amendment Bill 2014 as introduced to the Legislative Council on 8 May 2014




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