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The State Government has unveiled a comprehensive plan to take charge of the State’s energy future and deliver reliable, affordable and clean power for South Australians.

South Australian Power for South Australians will ensure more of the State’s power is sourced, generated and controlled in South Australia.

For more information go to the Our Energy Plan website ourenergyplan.gov.au

This plan includes:

Battery Storage and Renewable Technology Fund

Building Australia’s largest battery to store energy from the wind and sun – part of a new renewable energy fund that supports clean and affordable power.

New Gas Power Plant

SA will build its own gas power plant resulting in more back-up power for when we need it.

Local Powers over the National Market

New laws will provide strong powers to bring control of the market back into South Australia’s hands.

New Generation for More Competition

The SA Government will use its own electricity contract to attract a new power generator, increasing competition in the market and putting downward pressure on prices.

South Australian Gas Incentives

Provide incentives to ensure more local South Australian gas is sourced and used here in South Australia, replacing coal power from Victoria.

Energy Security Target

A new Energy Security Target will ensure our system uses more clean and secure energy sources – made right here in South Australia.